Gasman at his gator farm (Genko)

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Gasman at his gator farm (Genko)

Post  Gasman on Thu Oct 09, 2008 7:41 pm

The scene opens to Gasman out at his gator farm. It is a run down, muddy place with many wooden pens each holding a different alligator. Each pen has a sign hanging on it with the name of the alligator crudely painted on the sign. Gasman is wearing his normal bib overalls with no shirt, and his tobacco juice stained trucker hat is covering is bald head. His piglet "Sweetie" is no where to be seen. Gasman carries a pail over to one of the gator pens and dumps in some food.

Gasman looks at the camera.

Gasman: Even though I am in the Portuguese Wrasslin Federation, I still have to take care of things back home. I gotta take care of all my gators. They depend on me. They need me to feed them and clean up after them, and in return I get the best wrasslin training that nature can offer. I've got every kind of gator you can think of here. From small fast ones to big strong ones. They keep me in shape and ready to whup boys in the ring, and they do a good job of it. A lot of the time, I have a harder time training out here than I do wrasslin in the ring. Most boys ain't tougher than these gators.

Gasman walks over to the next pen. There is a small, quick, and very leathery looking alligator in the pen. Gasman picks up a paint brush and paint bucket from nearby. He paints over the sign that is on the pen and writes in a new name. "Genko"

Gasman: This is the gator I will be training on for my match with Genko. This gator is small, fast, and tough, just like this Genko is supposed to be. Genko may be the Portuguese Champ, but he doesn't stand a chance against me. I don't really care that he holds a title. I just want the opportunity to whup somebody. Genko is next in line. I am going to get ahold of him whup him for awhile, put the Stinky on him, and pin him for the 1-2-3. I will have his title, though I don't know what I need with a Portuguese title. I am a good ol' boy from Alabama and I don't need no Portuguese title. I haven't seen much from these PWF boys, they don't impress me. I am twice the wrassler of the whole lot of them and I am going to prove it in the ring against Genko.

Gasman puts down the paint bucket, throws his hat on the ground and jumps into the pen to begin his "training".

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