Gasman and Triple-X come to the ring

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Gasman and Triple-X come to the ring

Post  Gasman on Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:45 pm

Very funky porn music blasts from the loud speakers as a white spark shower erupts from the Jumbo tron. Next comes a loud bang and red and green smoke billows from the entrance ramp.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen. Presenting the team of Pimpy and Blimpy!!!!!

Triple-X comes out in his normal ring attire, a purple suit jacket and purple tights. X points to the entrance and Gasman enters the arena. Amazingly Gasman is wearing a full tuxedo and looks very dashing. He has Sweetie on her leash and she is wearing a very small evening gown. The crowd cheers very loudly as they make their way to the ring. Triple-X takes the mic.

Triple-X: I did a little work and I cleaned Gasman up a bit. What do you think?

The crowd cheers

Gasman: I ain't never dressed like this before. Not even for church! I feel like I should be at some fancy French restaurant or somethin. Oh if my momma could see me now! We are the team of Pimpy and Blimpy. I don't know which one is which so you don't need to ask. We are together for this one match to show that no good Superfamous and King Neli that we ain't no one to be pushed around. We are sick and tired of the Dominion attitude, of their cockiness, and of their talk. Those boys haven't done nothing here and yet they talk as though they are the best thing going. There are a lot of great wrasslers here. You are looking at two of them in the ring right now. But those boys just talk about how great they are. You've got Superfamous with his "Oh everyone knows me, everyone loves me" and you've got King Neli with his "I'm undefeated, I'm undefeated." You both sound like broken records. Superfamous. NOBODY knows you and NOBODY loves you. I have seen all the restraining orders that certain "celebrities" have against you, and Neli, NOBODY cares that you didn't give yourself good enough competition to have a good match. You were the GM so you just set yourself up against creampuffs. Whoo hoo!!! You are a tough guy whuppin up on lesser competition. Truth is you are both sad pathetic people and it's time for you to shut up.

Gasman straightens his bow tie and smiles his crooked four toothed smile at the crowd.

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