Hobabis i want you!

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Hobabis i want you!

Post  Convict on Fri Sep 05, 2008 5:59 pm

Peter:Puuuh... that was an awesome Match!

John:I have never seen this before!

The music of the Convict sounds
He appeared on the Ramp and walked down to the Ring

The Convict: There are three things in this Federation that me disturb:
1. This asshole Devil Jr. that is still the current Destruction Champion!
2.That i don't became a rematch
3. and the last one: Crap like Hobabis.
So when you are not a coward, you will take my challenge on and proof that you are able to beat me.
But if you are not, you proofed that you the same sucking bastard that i've seen in the Locker Room.

John:The Convict is serious!
Peter:He is every time serious like that, John!

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Re: Hobabis i want you!

Post  Hobabis on Sun Sep 07, 2008 7:40 pm

( Sorry for the delay... still recovering from real life injury to my right elbow and summer hols with the kids. Sad i'll come up with a rp and poss a storyline for a feud)

*Dies Irae starts. Covict turns to face the ramp. James Maddison appears at the top of the ramp mic in hand*
John: Dosn't look like we are going to have to wait long for an answer.
Peter: No. It dosen't dose it, There is his manager.
James: Well,well,well what have we here. A convict. Thinks he can push the newboy around. Well good luck
with that, you see the last man who tried that was never found again.
The Convict: Yeah Right
James: No your right, we did find a shoe.
*The crowd laughs nervously*
James:The thing is, your right, Hobabis is the newboy in town, and yes he has yet to prove himself. But the one thing i will tell you is this, he has NEVER backed down from a fight. So just name the time and the place and he'll be there.
* Hobabis climbs though the crowd. Steps over the guard rail the over the top rope. He spins Convict around turns him upside down and gives him a devastating Immortal Killer in the middle of the ring. Then he joins his manager on the top of the ramp*
James: And ho by the way, he dosn't like people who swear at him.


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