TCM Calls out Yendil

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TCM Calls out Yendil

Post  The Crimson Moon on Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:34 pm

Music is Heard over the ring

TCM makes his way to the ring. And picks up a mic on the way down.

TCM: Hello everyone how are you guys today???

Crowd: Boo...

TCM interupts the Crowd.

TCM: Shut up I wasn't done speaking.

Crowd: Booing.

TCM: Whatever...Well I am new to PWF. people are coming up to me and saying hey Crimson do you think your going to do good in PWF???

Crowd: Yells out He probably wont!!!

TCM:Shut up...Damn...I already hate this place.

Crowd: Boo.

TCM: Well I have been brought here to make this Federation better. So I am calling out an old friend of mine that I have been friends with. But ever since the last fed I was in WGE...I never been friends with him since.

Crowd yells: No one cares about WGE. We are PWF!!!

TCM: Yeah people I know now please let me talk. By the way I am calling out Yendil. And if you don't want me to have a match with you then I belive there is a word for that...Wimp!!!

Crowd yells: Lets have a match...Lets have a match.

TCM: Thank you there is a good fan crowd here today. But I am not a fan favorite. But I guess that can change soon. Not now soon. But I am calling you out. If you want some of this Yendil then lets have a match.

Music is heard over the Ring.

TCM exits the Ring.
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