Interview with the two bit

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Interview with the two bit

Post  two bit on Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:08 am

Interview with the two bit

christie:Hello I'm christie and i'm standing backstage with a NEW Wrestler NAME two bit

christie:Hello two bit
two bit:Hello Christie how are you?

Christie: I'm fine but can you tell me how you
feel about your match tonight with the Broncogeek

two bit:i don't care about the fight i just want to show
people how i CAN fight in a match i have been in a lat for Federations but it is the best one
i been in i do not care about won IN or lose IN I just care about showin people how i do
thing and The Doctor you next I AM GOIN TO TAKE YOU OUT TO HELL.

two bit walked way

Christie:that two bit Christie out.
The Convict comes in

The Convict: Who the hell is this?

Christie: It's a newbie.

The Convict: A strange newbie...

The Convict walked out of the picture
two bit
two bit
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