Hell has come to the PWF

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Hell has come to the PWF

Post  thugtnelly833 on Wed Aug 13, 2008 4:57 am

The light go out and there’s a moment of silence and a barrage of shots from a machine gun are heard all over the arena. And the lights come back on and there’s pros at all four corners of the ring.

Announcer 1: Starts yelling what the hell is going on.

Announcer 2: Its that damn thug, Thug Nelly. The self-proclaimed, king of thugs. I heard he is extremely brutal and violent and that could be major for the PWF roster. Lets here what he has to say.

As he makes his way down a line, out from the roof, carrying what looks like a sledge hammer. He hit’s the ring waiting for the crowd to quite down. Now he’s asking for a mic and telling the ring announcer to get off his block before he cleans his clock.

Thug Nelly: “Well, well, well, I’m here in the PWF, so what the hell. Me and my tag team partner “The Carnage” are here in the PWF to devastate your tag team division and roster. And we don’t give a hell about what you low level S.O.B think. And goes out to the damn locker room, and you low level S.O.B fans. “

Audience turns crazy on him, and starts booing.

Announcer 1: “Who in the hell does this guy think he is? Our wrestlers increditable athletes. This guy is extremely bad news.

Thug Nelly: “I don’t need your cheering for me to devastate the PWF, or to win the damn championship. Now for tonight this is a open challenge to all S.O.B’S in the locker room, the parking lot, or the damn corner. If you think you can kick me off the block come and get some, and bring the noise, and I’ll take you to thug hell.

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