The arrival of the future legend

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The arrival of the future legend

Post  pinnacleofawesome on Sun Aug 10, 2008 11:44 pm

The lights dip and for a moment all is silent, then suddenly pyro's erupt around the entrance way and Misery business by paramore blares out accross the arena, slowly the lights come up and someone is seen walking out from the back, its Pinnacle of Awesome James Churchill

Announcer 1: Who the hell is this guy? and what does he think he's doing here?

Announcer 2: Thats James Churchill, the self proclaimed Pinnacle of Awesome, i've heard he's something special, if he's here in the PWF that could be a major signing by our GM, lets hear what he has to say

As he makes his way down the ramp he's carrying a mic, the crowd doesnt know what to make of the stylishly dressed man and as he enters the ring more pyro's erupt from the corner posts, he waits for the crowd to quieten down a bit before talking

POA: Well, what can i say, all you fans are in for a treat, I, James Churchill, the Pinnacle of Awesome, have made the decision to join the PWF, this means from now on you'll actually get to see wrestling at its finest instead of the usual second rate stuff the guys here show you every week

The audience turns on him and starts booing

Announcer 1: How can he say that, some of our wrestlers are incredible athletes, this guys a Jerk

POA: I don't need you idiots cheering for me to perform at my best, and thats exactly what i am, the best, I am the Pinnacle of Awesome and the Championship will be mine, theres noone in this company that i can't beat, mark my words this is only the beginning

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Re: The arrival of the future legend

Post  mysterio on Tue Aug 12, 2008 8:31 pm

Rey's Music hits

Rey: Well Look whose here someone who thinks they are 1st rate to everyone else

John: Rey looks angry Pete

Peter: And he should be angry after something like that

Rey: And you think your so great...then prove it right here right now...against nekko...infact how about it nekko vs the POA right here right now

The fans start to cheer

John: They like that idea dont they

Peter: nekko vs the guy who calls himself 1st class...this could be a good match

Rey: Then its officially nekko Vs POA next
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