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Challengeback to the doctor

Post  lionsoldier on Sun Aug 10, 2008 7:10 am

Lionsoldier's music plays and lights go out and lionsoldier appears at the titantron.

Peter: Its Lionsoldier!!!

John: The new VGM of PWF is here today.

Peter: What is he up to now?

Lionsoldier: The one and only Lionsoldier has come. I see that you are looking for a challenge tonight.
Now I accept your challenge but first I need you to tell me your purpose of why you are here?

Peter: What are you talkin about VGM?

Lionsoldier: Since I had accept your challenge, I guess I would like answers after this match.

Lionsoldier: Now lets get this match started and cal the ref down here.

A referee comes down to the ring getting ready to start the match


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