The TARDIS appears!

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The TARDIS appears!

Post  the doctor on Sat Aug 09, 2008 6:52 pm

*All of a sudden and out of nowhere, a strange blue police box appears in the centre of the stage and a skinny looking man steps out *

Announcer 1: Oh. My. God. Talk about an entrance! That's the Doctor in the ring now anyway!
Announcer 2: Let's be honest, when you can bend space and time, you can afford flashy entrances like that.
Announcer 1: Oh look, he has a mic, let's see what he has to say

The Doctor: Hello everyone, I'm the Doctor as many of you will know. I'm the last of my people and it's my role in the galaxy to make sure that history turns out the way it's supposed to! That brings me to the reason that I'm here tonight.

Announcer 1: Wow, so somebody is meant to lose to him? This keeps getting better.
Announcer 2: If he says so...

The Doctor: Now, does anyone know where the esteemed General Manager, Rey Msyterio is? As it is he who I must challenge to a duel. And he who I must defeat. To preserve the timeline!

Announcer 1: TALK ABOUT A CHALLENGE! Do you think the GM will be scared?
Announcer 2: I wouldn't say things like that if you like your job. Of course he's not scared. I expect he'll step out here any minute and show this Doctor who's the boss...literally!

The Doctor: I'm waiting...

*The Doctor proceeds to wait patiently...

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Re: The TARDIS appears!

Post  lionsoldier on Sun Aug 10, 2008 7:11 am

Lionsoldier's music plays and lights go out and lionsoldier appears at the titantron.

Peter: Its Lionsoldier!!!

John: The new VGM of PWF is here today.

Peter: What is he up to now?

Lionsoldier: The one and only Lionsoldier has come. I see that you are looking for a challenge tonight.
Now I accept your challenge but first I need you to tell me your purpose of why you are here?

Peter: What are you talkin about VGM?

Lionsoldier: Since I had accept your challenge, I guess I would like answers after this match.

Lionsoldier: Now lets get this match started and cal the ref down here.

A referee comes down to the ring getting ready to start the match


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