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Tag Team Titles

Post  The Lazur Warrior on Sat Nov 15, 2008 8:26 pm

*Whitesnake's 'Crying in the rain' starts on the titantron and The Lazur Warrior comes out in the arena. He goes in the ring with a mic in his hand.*

John: This guy is something special! Do you remember last week when you had to apologise to him? That was great.

Peter: Shut up, man. I hate this guy!!!

TLW: Now I know you think I am gonna say 'I told you so'. And you are right! I told you that we are the best tag team in this federation. We only lost our matches because we fought the GM. And he has all the referees in his pocket. Now I am gonna stop talking about the past and start telling you what is going to happen in the first ever PPV tonight. But first - welcome my friend and tag team partner - TRD!!! And just to let you know he is not very happy.

*Limp Bizkit's 'Behind blue eyes' starts playing and TRD with his nurse and two other ladies come out to the arena. They slowly walk towards the ring.*

TRD: Good evening!! I want to know where is my cobble and you didn't return it to me?

Peter: What is it with this guy and that cobble?

John: I don't care about that. I want to know who those hot chicks are!!!

*TRD whispers something in The Lazur Warrior's ear.*

TLW: TRD would like for me to introduce to you these lovely ladies - TRD's newest groupies...

TRD: I want to tell you all that I have forgotten all about Neli and I don't care about her anymore. And these girls here are the reason for that.

TLW: Their names are..... wait for it........ Nely and Nelly.

Peter: Oh my god!!! This guy is so insane!!

John: Who cares, just go ask him about their phone numbers!

Peter: Why me? You ask him.

John: Because you have already established a great relationship with him. Remember?!?! javascript:emoticonp('Twisted Evil')

TLW: Now about that title match that we have later. rey msyterio left the tag team champions and now die hard's next partner is innocent who is elected as the GM. Why is he in this match. He wants to control the referee again or what? But it doesn't matter who we fight because we will be very well prepared for the match.

TRD: I can't prepare without my cobble.

TLW: Well I have a surprise for you.

*The Lazur Warrior goes outside the ring and reaches under the ring and pulls out a cobble. Then goes back into the ring and gives it to TRD.*

Peter: How did he found it?!?!? I hid it so well!!


*TRD throws the cobble towards Peter but misses him and destroys the monitor infront of him.*

Peter: He almost killed me!!!

John: You deserve it! Why the hell did you stole his rock?!?

*The Lazur Warrior grabs TRD's arm and the nurse gives him a sedative shot and he calms down. The Lazur Warrior goes outside the ring and takes the cobble and The Lazur Connection leave the ring with the ladies.* Twisted Evil

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