Rey Announces a Few Things

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Rey Announces a Few Things Empty Rey Announces a Few Things

Post  King Neli on Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:42 pm

Rey Msyterios music hits and he makes his way to the ring

Rey Msyterio: First of all Neli announced that on the 19th there will be a PPV Pain for Pride...That PPV will now only be for PWF Superstars

The crowd starts to cheer

Rey Msyterio: Now at this show our titles will be on the line...The challengers are unknown for now

John: This is great

Rey Msyterio: Every champion will defend his title so X you will defend it aswell

Peter: Another match now

Rey Msyterio: Plague you will face Soul Edge for the Television Title

Peter: Rey is great

John: ITs why he is Him

Rey Msyterio: And Jonni you will defend your title against ''Chris Benoit''...He may be from PWE but prove to us your the fighting champ you say you are by keeping the title here in PWF...Also there will be a Tag Team match where 2 superstars from PWE will come to face 2 superstars from PWF in a tag team match to prove who the better brand is

John: Wow Rey is on fire

Rey drops the mic and leaves

Peter: What a PPV this should be

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