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The Lazur Connection want some action Empty The Lazur Connection want some action

Post  The Lazur Warrior on Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:54 pm

*Whitesnake's 'Crying in the rain' starts on the titantron and The Lazur Warrior comes out in the arena. He goes in the ring with a mic in his hand.*

Peter: Holy cow!!! This guy is unbelievable. I am sure he wants another title shot.

TLW: Apparently fighting against the GM is something that guarantees a defeat. I mean, did you watch last weeks match. The Lazur Connection dominated, TRD was great, I was unbelievably dominant. Yet they still managed to win. I don't know how that happened but I am sick of losing.


TLW: Now that's not very nice. What would you do if I called TRD here and he beat some of you up.

*The crowd settles down a bit.*

John: He threatens our fans?!?!

Peter: I told you he was insane.

TLW: I have a proposition for the tag team champions. But first, please, welcome my partner - TRD!

John: Oh, another proposition. That ought to be interesting!

*Limp Bizkit's 'Behind blue eyes' starts playing and TRD with his nurse comes out to the arena. They slowly walk towards the ring.*

Peter: I wonder if he would ask about that Neli again.

*TRD walks slowly towards the ring and is looking around nervously.*

TLW: My friend, here, lost his best friend this past week - the cobble. You can understand why he is feeling a little bit sad.

Peter: That's great news - no more beat up people in the arena.

TRD: Good evening!! I would like to ask you - who stole my cobble? Why would someone do something like that?!? And where is Neli?

Peter: This guy definately has issues.

John: Do you really think it's a good idea to offend them again. Don't you remember what happened last week?

Peter: I do! But our GM will protect me again.

TLW: So... My proposition - we would like to fight Die Hard and whoever his new pertner is 1 on 1 tonight. But we want to fight you tonight. And at 'Pain for Pride' we want another shot at the title.

John: It's not a bad idea. We haven't seen TRD in a singles match.

*The Lazur Connection leave the ring and are heading to the locker room when The Lazur Warrior stops and asks for a mic.*

TLW: Hey... I almost forgot. If I win my match I want that stupid sh*tface Peter to apologize to me right here after the match.

*TRD whispers something in The Lazur Warrior's ear.*

TLW: And my partner would like his cobble back if he wins his match. We will be waiting for an answer in our locker room.

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