Looking for a contender (TV)

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Looking for a contender (TV)

Post  Plague* on Mon Nov 03, 2008 1:53 am

*Plague's music and video is aired*

John: Whats he doing out here again? He already made that huge match between Soul Edge and TGW
Peter: Who are you even asking? Ive been right next to you this whole time!!! How should I know?
John: I really hate you

Plague: Now, even though we have TGW and Soul Edge looking for the title, doesn't mean that they're the only ones who deserve that shot. Plus, I still need a good fight tonight. So heres what were gonna do. Whoever thinks that they have earned a shot, come on out right now!!!

Crowd: Cheers

Plague: We're gonna have a match. If you can beat me, then you're gonna have to prove yourself against whoever wins the TGW vs Soul Edge match.


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Re: Looking for a contender (TV)

Post  Skrface on Mon Nov 03, 2008 5:48 pm

*Plague looks towards the entranceway but no one comes out. Suddenly, Skrface's music starts up and he makes his way down to the ring while fans are cheering. He takes a mic and climbs in to the ring*

John: Looks like Skrface have something in his mind and wants to say it.

Plague: So finally somebody showed up.

*Skrface looks at Plague’s belt*

Skrface: Now you're the top dog, you can live a life of luxury. Hot girls are going to be flocking now, companies will start paying you to wear certain stuff, drive certain cars...now you are the big star, you're on the up! You can live the life that I do!

*the crowd is cheering*

Skrface: But I didn’t come here to hail you. I am here to accept your match, but I have to say if you accept it’s not going to be an easy match... I’m not like all the rest of the guys in the back… when I am in the ring I bring pain and that is the truth… so if you want a hell of a ass beating… I am the one who give it.

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