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Post  Yendil on Thu Oct 30, 2008 6:45 pm

*A cold chill races across the arena as the sounds of the ancient begin to hum throughout the arena. Smoke fills the entrance arena flowing down to the ring*

John: What is that coming down to the ring?

Peter: Looks like a mysterious man dressed in robes

*This mysterious man makes his way slowly to the ring with a robe covering his entire body, head bowed with the arms latched together infront of his body*

John: Oh my god Peter who is that?

Peter: I don't know how about we wait to hear him and find out

*The mysterious man lifts his head and all you can see are red glowing eyes*

Mysterious Man: I have travelled from the mountains of Tibet, to cleans the world of the self righteous ones, who are lieing to you all, only claiming to be popular to fill a gap left in their pathetic existance due to their lack of self worth. For I am Yendil, sent by my ancients to seek revenge on those who deceit you all. It won't be long before they feel my wrath, and the wrath of the anceints.

*The crowd boos*

Peter: I kind of like him, it's about time someone put those Prima Donna's in their place.

John: What are you talking about Peter?

Peter: Well he does have a point.

John: A point of what? Causing distruction on those that did good?

Yendil: It's time for you to seek redemption and pay for your sins. I am the judge the jury and the executioner. With the power of the anceints I will seek avengence.

*Yendil motions towards the referee in the ring*

John: OH MY GOD PETER! He just put the referee in a headlock, grabed his leg and lifted him straight in the air and slammed him head first into the mat!

Peter: I beleive that is what he calls a Kamakazi Spike.

*The referee lays motionless in the ring as Yendil stands over his body glaring at him like he is some peice of trash*

*Silence runs through the arena*

Yendil: You have been executed for your sins

*The crowd boos*

John: Peter I don't know what this means for the rest of the superstars backstage, but it can't be good.

Peter: I think what it means is that they are in for a reality check.

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Post  Fog on Fri Oct 31, 2008 11:54 am

Fog runs out of the backstage

Peter: What he never came out so fast

John:yes he must be very angry

Fog: You wanne fight without rouls so im your man fight with me an your face will be a crisom mask!!!!

Peter: I hope he take the challange because Fog will show him what it mean to boold.

Fog gets up to the ring and kick the reafery and he fall out of the ring


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Post  mysterio on Fri Oct 31, 2008 4:07 pm

* all of a sudden Rey msyterio's music starts playing and out he comes and from the top of the ramp he announces*

Rey. M: Well you guys want to fight?

*Fog and Yendil move their heads saying yes*

Rey. M: Well you got it this will be a Great match between you two tonight...

*Rey turns back and walks to his office*
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