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Post  Die Hard on Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:28 pm

*Coloured lights start flashing all over the arena ...a strong sound of a clock start clicking and suddenlly after the 5th click Die hard music start playing...The superstart comes out to the ring with a huge smile in his face*

DH: Hello everyone and Welcome to PWF well as you all know i don't really like taking all long time to speak so i will be quick and go straight to the point.

Peter:What? WHat is the point?

John: Lets hear it...

DH: Well i am here because i wasen't happy with the result of my match with triple-x and so i want a rematch.

Peter: He Wants a what?

John: yeah you hear him he wants a rematch.

DH:Yeah i want a rematch, and this is not just a rematch i want a lms Rematch for the title...I want to take Triple-x's Title together with his soul after i beat him.So i will be waiting for and answer from him which sould be (i accept the rematch as a LMS for my title) ... So triple-x if your a man come down here and talk face to face with a real man...

*Die hard puts the mic in the floor and stays there looking all arounf wainting for Triple-x to come while Announcers give their last word*

Peter: What is this all about LMS? Rematch? Title? What is this i am not understanding!?!?!?

John: Well i think this will be just the begining of another "feud"...
Die Hard
Die Hard

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Post  Triple-X on Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:13 pm

** Triple-X's music "I'm the One" by Static-X hits the arena speakers. All that can be heard is girls shrill screams in anticipation of seeing the champion. Triple-X appears, walks to the entrance ramp, stands there, and looks around at the crowd. He starts to walk slowly towards the ring. As he approaches the ring, he stops to kiss three girls hands as he walks past them. He gets in the ring, and seems ready to talk.

Triple-X: Listen. You aren't happy because, as everyone does, you came up SHORT against me. Don't cry so much. I mean seriously. You aren't the first person I have beaten, and you won't be the last. If you want a rematch, just for the record, you don't deserve it. What if I told you that you have to step to the back of the line and let others have a chance at me? Oh you would probably call me a coward and probably a bunch of other things trying to make me look bad and make me mad so I would just accept. The truth is, you can't do that to me. NO ONE plays mind games with me. As everyone should know by now, I play the mind games. You want a rematch. Ok. You got it. It is that easy. Last man standng, ok, I am always the last man standing at any contest. Just ask any woman, they know. Listen "Living on a Soft Spot", you are just going to lose, and probably get hurt more than you already have been. What is it with wanting a different type of match? Is it going to make a difference? Well, I don't think so, but sure, let's do it and see.


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