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Post  Die Hard on Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:11 pm

*Lights go off everyone is in silence ...Announcers start talking about what is new in PWF ...Suddenlly The Portuguese Warrior music Hits and Die hard Walks down to the ring With His Partner Rey Msyterio*

Peter: Hello Ladies and Gentlemanwelcome to PWF night...

John: Now the GM Rey msyterio is here with his Partner Die Hard and we are all intrested to know what they will say so lets hear them...!

*The Announcers finish talking and the superstars grab the micsready to talk*

DH:Hello Everyone and Welcome to PWF, i am the VGM as you know and the tag team Partner of the GM Rey Msyterio this man here standing right next to me. We are here to make a Open challege for the tag team title.
Yeah that's right we want to let you guys have another try on taking our title because we are tired of everyone saying that we are cheaters and this and that...
We will give one last open challenge and if you can't Win us then we have to make something different... Am i right Rey?

RM: Sure you are Die Hard this is the last change you guys will have to win the title and if you can't do it...we will solve the problem by making a change that all of you will like!

Peter: What?Another Open Tag title challenge? Hey John do you have any idea what he means by (we will solve the problem by making a change that all of you will like)?

John: No i don't Peter but i am sure we will find out.

DH: Well this is pretty much all what we had to say ...So now we will be waiting for some one to come here accept this big challenge...But While we wait we will be talking to you Fans...

*Rey M & Die H leave the ring and go talk to the fans while waiting for another tag team to cone confront them*
Die Hard
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Post  The Lazur Warrior on Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:16 pm

*Whitesnake's 'Crying in the rain' starts on the titantron and The Lazur Warrior comes out in the arena. He goes in the ring with a mic in his hand.*

Peter: Oh, not that guy again. The Lazur Connection lost last week. What is he doing here?!?

TLW: Now... I know we "lost" last time but that wasn't fair. My friend, TRD, didn't warm up correctly and wasn't quite ready for a match.


TLW: That's right! We want a fair match where we can prepare for it. That's the reason TRD isn't with me right now.

John: ?!?!? So where is he?!? What does he mean by PREPARE?!?!?

TLW: Play the video from the locker rooms.

Peter: WHY?!? What is happening there?!?

*TRD is pacing around nervously wearing his trademark tuxedo and tosses himself the cobble. His nurse is trying to follow him with a bottle of pils.*

TRD: NEEEEELIIIIII!!! Where are you, Neli?

*TRD walks past a few crew members, who are obviously trying to avoid him. Like a flash TRD comes back to the crew members and starts beating them with his cobble. The nurse is screaming but doesn't try to stop him.*

TLW: Now that's a proper warm up, isn't it!!!

Peter: These guys are crazy!!!

TLW: Hey, hey, hey, what did you say, "smart" guy. Yeah, YOU, with the funny headset sitting on that anounce table. You called me "crazy"?!?!?

John: Oh, man!! You gotta run, man!!!

*Peter starts running towards the locker rooms but right infront of him comes TRD with a bloody cobble in his hand.*

TRD: Oh... Hello!! It's nice to meet you! I'm TRD!

TLW: Hey, man! Don't let him leave he called us crazy. Smack him.

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Post  Die Hard on Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:10 am

*Rey M & Die H Come back from chatting with the fans and stop Peter*

Die hard: Hey Peter...Don't worry we can solve your little problem isen't that right Rey?

Rey M: Yeah Really little.

Peter: Oh thank you guys...

*Die hard and Rey msyterio walk to the ring while TLW & TRD run back to the ring...peter Makes his way to the announcers table*

John: Lucky you Peter... you were so close to get beaten...

Peter: Yeah i was so scared if it wasen't the GM i would get beaten...

Die hard: Hey you two there...what were you thinking about runing after peter?


Die Hard: Yeah thought so...you guys just have all that talk talk but after all y what yyou do is just step back...

Peter: I know Die hard is strong but isen't he going over the limit?

John: He just saved you ass and you say he is getting over the limit??? what a way of thanking him.

Die hard: Well as you guys are trying to take over i will be nice and quick...this conversation will end later on tonight right after our match now go get ready because i don't wanna hurt kids...

john: Waw he was amazing... Did you see that you protect just distroyed this two guys only with words...

Peter: yeah...he was briliant...

Rey Msyterio: Yeah My partner is right We don't hurt kids!!! Now Play our Music we wanna get out of here.

*TPW Music starts playing and RM & DH walk back to the locker room*
Die Hard
Die Hard

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