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Challenge to Triple-X Empty Challenge to Triple-X

Post  Die Hard on Sun Oct 26, 2008 7:54 pm

*Die hard's No Fear music start's playing and he walks down the ring while announcer's talk about how strong he really is now*

DH: Hello Ladies and Gentelman and welcome to PWF. I hope you guys Enjoy what you will be seeing tonight because the Devil is back!

Peter: The Devil??? Is he talking about The Devil Jr or what?

John: Well i don't know but...i think he is!?!?

DH: Yes Devil... I am the Devil... The Devil that will be standing up for everything that noone else does... i Will be the first man ever to defeat everyone around!
I am not here to talk so much as i don't even like wasting words, i am just here to tell the little Triple-x that i want to fight against him tonight for whatever it is... Yes Triple-x i know you are in there and ialso know that you are hearing me so i just wanna give a warning . No Matter what i will have this fight VS you tonight i am a devil and also you boss so you will have to accept it...
I Will give you what i been waiting to give you and i will have no mercy.
Now if you have the guts...come out here and give me an answer.

Petrer: Die Hard Vs Triple-X ???? this will be blood all over...!?!?!

John: Lets just wait and see!!!

*Die hard is waiting for his opponent in the ring*
Die Hard
Die Hard

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Challenge to Triple-X Empty Re: Challenge to Triple-X

Post  Triple-X on Sun Oct 26, 2008 8:50 pm

**Triple-X's music "I'm the One" by Static-X hits. After a minute of Triple-X not appearing, Die Hard gets ansy
Suddenly on the Titan Tron appears Triple-X with 3 ladies on his side...

Triple-X: Devil? Listen "Lives Lightly", you can try to call yourself whatever you want to try to be scary this close to Halloween. The truth is, you are nothing but a

*One of Triple-X's girls interrupts** A little girly angel?

Triple-X: Nicely done Joanne. See "Living La Vida Loca", even the girls who hang around me know what you are. Nothing but a very timid fly. Now I am not known to hurt flys. But I will make a very SMALL exception for you. You may be a boss around here, but lets be honest. even you know that I am X-Treamly Handsome, X-Treamly Talented, and yes, even you know it,

*One of Triple-X's girls interrupts as you see her hand go down Triple-X's torso towards his waist** X-Treamly Gifted!!

Triple-X: Listen Brandi, NEVER take my line!!! But you are right, so tonight you get first dibs on me. Yes Living on the Soft Side, X-Treamly Gifted. And you know that I am truly, a face and name that puts people in the seats. Now, I am happy to accept your challenge, since you are the boss... I will let you run the show. Come on girls, lets go have some fun!


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