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Post  Skrface on Mon Oct 20, 2008 4:57 pm

*Skrface’s music blasts out through the arena as the man himself steps out on to the ramp and makes his way down to the ring to a mixed reaction. Some fans cheering other booing. He steps into the ring and grabs a mic*

John: Look who’s here…


John: Stop yelling Peter!

Skrface: I want everyone here to take a good look at me. I have been in PWF for a while now. Now why is that you ask, well I can tell you. The GM, the other wrestlers, the announcers, even all of you are jealous of my skills!

Peter: What did he say? We’re not jealous!

John: Actually just one of us is…

Peter: Why are you jealous John? This guy is nothing.

John: C’mon Peter… there’s need to lie now… everybody knows you’re a big fan of him.

Peter: No I’m not… I only like his way of clothing, talking…he is talented… and I like the way he wrestle…

Skrface: I can respect the fact that everyone here fears me. They fear me because I am good looking, I am talented and I am better than them.

*the crowd starts to boo*

Skrface: But let me get off this subject for a second because I have other issues to tend to. I have been wanting, no needing a worthy competitor. I mean it’s no fun beating up all these less talented hacks. I have been destroying for the last few weeks in the PWF. So if there is anybody not chicken enough come and challenge me. I will be waiting but until then… I guess I will enjoy my lavish lifestyle and beautiful women.

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