Triple-X ... Championship match

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Triple-X ... Championship match

Post  Triple-X on Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:58 am

**"I'm the One" by Static-X hits the Arena speakers. Everyone knows what is coming.. Boos and cheers resound through the arena

Triple-X comes out onto the entrance and the loud shrills of women cheering are heard while the sounds of men's boos are heard around them, he stands cocky at the entrance before making his way to the ring. Once in the ring he takes the mic he has brought with him and brings it to his mouth

Triple-X: Listen, I hear your boos you jealous marks. All your women cheer for me and you boo. Unbelievable. Why can't you just be happy about the fact that your women like me. I know that girl *points to a girl in the first row* knows I am X-Treamly Handsome, *Triple-X goes to the other side of the ring and points to another woman in the first row* and that girl there knows I am X-Treamly Talented, *Triple-X walks over to another side of the ring and points at a girl in the fourth or fifth row* and that girl there, well, she knows I am X-Treamly GIFTED, but the point is, why wouldn't your women like me when you all know that I am the man with the Three X's in my favor?? Listen, that is exactly why the managment here at PWF has given me the opportunity to have a title match here tonight. I am the MOST X-Treamly handsome, X-Treamly Talented, and yes X-Treamly *gives a one handed crotch chop* GIFTED wrestler that PWF has to offer. WHy wouldn't they want me to be the man in the front? The man to promote this Fed to great heights? I am the ultimate cover for this group of untalented people and that goes for Shark Bait too. Yes Yes... the Champ is a Chum Eater, but again, that really isn't the point. I come here with another invitation to a Fed and, WOW, I get a title shot right away. HMMM... do you guys in this arena think that is a coincidence or??? Guys, hold on to your women's arms tight, because once I beat Fish Sticks tonight, there isn't one woman in this building that would walk away to get to me when you got your lazy asses up to get your next beer!

Shark Skin... Good luck tonight, you are going to need it!!

** Triple-X's music hits again as he walks out of the ring and back up the ramp**


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