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Post  sasuke uchiha on Thu Oct 09, 2008 11:48 pm

Interviewer: Just before his debut match here at PWF lets ask Sasuke Uchiha about his thoughts

camera turns to sasuke sitting on a bench preparing for a the match

Interviewer: well how are you feeling about your debut here and your thoughts on your opponent El toro

sasuke looks at the camera and then looks at the interviewer

Sasuke: it's a good thing neli hates me thats why i get the strongest to fight.....El Toro as the name suggest he is just like a bull, they say no matter how hard you hit him he will just keep on coming back......well there is only one way of beating a bull like that and it's simple like a matador i'll keep hitting him and dodging his attacks until he realize his futile attempt to try to win and gives up. you know why bulls lay on their belly and make those sounds when they are defeated, it's not because of the injuries it's because their will has been broken and all that spirit to fight is gone and when that happens their right to exists perishes with it. so the matador being a warrior takes away the bulls life, some might say that's cruel but little do they know that is what the bull wants. this is the same what is going to happen tonight i am going to break your will to fight and then you will beg me to finish you off and if i am feeling merciful i might

sasuke walks away as the camera follows showing him leaving the locker room
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