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Post  King Neli on Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:57 pm

John: I'm here with King Neli and Superfamous before their big tag team match against Triple-X and Gasman tonight.

John: So.. How are you guys feeling?

Superfamous: Feeling? I'm feeling great! I finally get a chance to get my hands around stinkymans neck. That nut cost me my title in NCW and now he's followed me here. So I finally get my chance at payback. Him and that pig don't belong in this fed, they belong in the pigpen fed slopping around in the mud. It would probably feel like home,maybe it is their home.

And as for Triple-X: Mr. X-Treamly Handsome, X-Treamly Talented, and X-Treamly Gifted? Puhlease... That describes me to a Tee and I don't even need to do all that promotion work and gyration for the people to know that. My mere presence already tells the people all those things. You're just X-Tremely stupid for partnering up with a hick like that, you will be proven to be X-Tremely less talented the Neli and me, and you will be X-Tremely bloody when we're through with you.

John: Neli, You have anything to add?

King Neli: Yes I do, Back in NCW...Gasman made it to the Intercontinental Title...If the Fed had stayed open a few more weeks at Hell, Fire & Brimstone's I would have been the only person to win 2 different titles in NCW history...Now back in NCW...I ran SNE...If you look at the matches I won and the matches Gasman OR Triple-X won...The biggest person Triple-X could beat was Steele...WHO THE HECK IS STEELE...I would beat Steele with 1 hand behind my back...Then when real competition came for X...King Edge..My former Tag Team Partner...Edge...I may not like him...But I respect him...But same goes for Edge...I would beat him easily to...No competition in NCW...Now in SNE...We had competition...And As for you, you sad old smelly man...The biggest person you actually managed to beat was Icon Sting and Sting was on a losing streak...He didn't deserve to be in Dominion the way he wrestled...

John: You say Gasman and Triple-X are no competition...Don't forget you and Gasman drew last week

King Neli: Yes don't remind me...That Disgrace...That...That...Disgrace of a man got so lucky...I was moments away from giving him the Neli Bomb and finishing the match

John: Tonight Gasman and X are your opponents...For the PWF vs NCW Feud..They are your Team Mates

King Neli: Gasman and X...I don't like either of them...But theres over 30 of PWF and only 10 of us...I can't pass down any superstars at this moment

John: Speaking of the PWF Vs NCW...Where exactly is this leading...And will it be over by the end of the season...I mean the season ends after this Fridays show

King Neli: To tell the truth...I don't know when it will end

Devil is walking past and he stops behind Neli

Devil: Neli can I talk with you

King Neli: Sure whats up

Devil: I think it should be in private in my office

John: Devil Why did you turn your back on PWF last week...And what does this effect have on PWF

Devil: Family is Family...I'm sure Neli would do the same for me

Devil starts to walk away and leaves Superfamous with John

John: Superfamous 1 last question

Superfamous looks angry as Neli & Devil walk away together

He starts to mutter something under his break

Superfamous: No....No more questions

Superfamous heads of in his own way

King Neli

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