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Superfamous v. Die Hard Empty Superfamous v. Die Hard

Post  Superfamous on Sun Oct 05, 2008 11:07 pm

Superfamous' music hits and he comes out backstage.

John: What's he doing out here? He has a tag match with Triple-X and Gasman already tonight.

Superfamous walks down and climbs into the ring.

Superfamous: Hi everybody (crowd goes crazy boos and cheers). I like to come out, well.. besides allowing you to get another look at my famousness... to tell you all that I have found out that I not only have the tag match but I also have a match against Die Hard tonight..

Peter: What? He's also facing Die Hard tonight? What's going on?

Superfamous: .. and that me and Neli are also going to face Die Hard and Rey Msyterio for their tag belts this Friday night.

The Crowd goes bonkers... John: What? I can't believe what I'm hearing!!

Superfamous: So.. Die Hard... tonight I will put a big beat down on you to show what will happen to you on Friday when Neli and I win those tag titles. In fact.. you can consider the beating you'll get as a possible mercy beating as you'll realize you have no chance on Friday and just hand the belts over before then. Don't think you're going to win because I just found out about this match and have been focusing on my tag match tonight against those 2 idiots. I'm Superfamous for many reasons and one is that I win when something like this comes up as I am just too good compared to anyone else. Sorry to crush what little hope you may have had.. not!.

Superfamous climbs out of the ring and goes backstage.

Peter: Man 2 matches tonight!! How is Superfamous going to be able to handle it. Despite what he just said it has to take something out of a man to have 1 fight and then come back with another on short rest.

John: Well we'll find out.
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