Hunted or the Hunter

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Hunted or the Hunter

Post  sasuke uchiha on Fri Oct 03, 2008 11:37 pm

lights go out and music echoes through the arena a video starts playing on the titan tron

John: I can't believe it. it looks like it's the NCW champ Sasuke Uchiha

Peter: John it looks like PWF is being taken over by NCW wrestlers......knowing his style i must say it's going to be a hostile take over

lights come back on Sasuke is sitting on the turnbuckle juggling the mic around

there is no reaction from the crowd everyone is sitting there in confusion

Sasuke: well well well you people must be confused that why am i here after joining a fed way up in the intercontinental why am i here in the fed which is still in the regional. so i'll tell you that i have 2 reasons for.....first i wanted to go to the higher feds so i can fight strong opponents and when i joined there all i saw was not warriors but puppets following rules and greed for making money had dulled their spirit so much that even a child could beat them. As i was rethinking where should i go from there something caught my attention as many of the NCW wrestlers came to PWF for sure there has to be hostilities but when a certain person issued a threat about hunting the NCW members i just couldn't wait to join in, now dont get me wrong i am not here to save my fellow NCW members it's just i love the feeling when i am being hunted also this fed has no rules, it has all the catalysts of starting chaos all it needs is someone to start it thats why i am here and thats why i am called the "Seed of Chaos"

music hits as sasuke jumps down from the turnbuckle and tightens his kimono

Peter: WOAH i told you this kid was crazy he didnt waste any time making the whole locker room hate him....well if this is your path to become strong then i cant say anything.

John: yeah you are right but didnt he said he had 2 reason what happened to other one

Peter: well we just have to wait for that one
sasuke uchiha
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Re: Hunted or the Hunter

Post  King Neli on Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:15 am

out of RP: so this post doesnt go to waste as i know sasuke spnt time on this i will reply to it

in RP

King Neli's Music hits and he makes his way to the ring

he grabs a mic from ring side and enters the ring

King Neli: Ahhh...Sasuke...I have been waiting for you to come down to the ring...When I checked the roster list I saw another 2 superstars from NCW that I didn't expect to see...and thats Terrob...and more importantly you...Your the man that was 2 weeks away from losing the World Title...TO ME...Yes me...I was going to kick your *BEEP* all over the ring and win what was rightfully mine...But luckily for you...The fed died...and you got when me and Superfamous are done kicking Gasman's and Triple-X's *BEEP*es later on tonight...I'm coming after...YOU

Neli drops the mic and leaves the ring

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