Jonny Angel speak about the title tournament

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Jonny Angel speak about the title tournament

Post  Jonny Angel on Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:07 pm

As Jonny's music comes to a crescendo, he swaggers confidently to the ring, throwing up his hands and shouting "Praise the Lord!". When he makes it to the ring and pics up a mic, a few fans in the crowd who recognize him from other promotions are already loudly booing him. Jonny just smiles arrogantly in return.

"Brothers and sisters!" Jonny pauses again, giving a bit of a contemptuous laugh to the crowd. "Brothers and sisters, for those of you who saw the last show of this fine federation, you've already been introduced to me. And it's good that your first look at me was in that violent context, because now you know exactly what I am capable of. You know that when I say I'll be a champion any time now, I have the abilities to prove it. You KNOW, my brothers and sisters, that you should listen very, very closely to what I have to say... because it is a privilege, an HONOR for all of you to hear me speak. See the Lord- the Lord almighty, he works in mysterious ways sometimes. He works in ways that all of you, with your wretched, sinful little minds, cannot possibly understand. So you see, the Lord has sent me, has CHOSEN me, to spread his good word to all you pathetic sinners! And because I, Jonny Angel, am a wise and virtuous man, I gladly accept the mission God has given me.

"Those of you who saw my first match, would you like to remind me how that ended?" Jonny pauses and soaks up the boos from the crowd. "That is right, brothers and sisters. I decimated, I eliminated, I DOMINATED! And just as that SINNER now rests in peace to think on his wrongs and his evils, so shall anyone else who DARES to stand against me! And I wonder... who will that next person be? Because you see, brothers and sisters... the two men in the other half of the tournament... they were not quite as blessed as I. They tried their hardest, Lord knows they did, but neither could get the job done. So you tell me: what does that mean for me next week, brothers and sisters? By all logic, since I am the only man who WON a match in the tournament, since I am the only man who PROVED his worth, the title shot should go to ME and ME alone. But it matters little, my friends. Whoever you send against me, whoever you feed me, whoever you think has a chance to end my undefeated streak... they too will fall. So whether I face you, Jonni, or you, Genko, or even both of you at once, know that I will be victorious. Because God almighty has ordained it.

"Praise the Lord!" Jonny drops the mic and once again confidently swaggers away.

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