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Post  stealthy on Wed Oct 01, 2008 6:15 am

*The Lights Starts To Dim And The Theme Music Video For Stealthy Starts...The Fans Starts To Go Crazy With Cheers*)

John : Well Here You Have It Folks... Stealthy Is Making His Way To Us To Discuss His Upcoming Event.

Peter This Should Be Good.

Peter : Yea John I Wonder What Stealthy Has To Say About His Recent Actions Here In The PWF

*Stealthy Comes Out From The Back And Starts To Walk Over To The Interview Platform Near John And Peter*)

John : Stealthy My First Question To You Is... Why? Why Did You Give A Low Down Cheap Shot To Skrface?

Stealthy:"Well John Its Like This...I Wanted Him To Know How Much I Cared....You See FIRST OF ALL I'm Not Here To Discuss Skrface...I'm Here To Discuss TWG! TheGermanWunderkind...My Poor Friend You Have Made Your Bigest Mistake To Date...By Agreeing To Step Back Into That Ring WITH YOUR'S TRULY!! This Time Pal I'm Gonna Knock You The Hell Out And Their Going To Take You To The Emergency Room After I'm Done! The 1/10/2008 Is The Date You Learn A Real Lesson In Wrestling Just Like Skrface!!!.")

Peter : But Stealthy Why Attack Skrface? He Agreed On Friendship When You Sucker Punch Him With A Pair Of Brass Knuckle's...I For One Hope TWG Teaches You A Lesson.

Stealthy:"Watch Your Mouth Peter Pan...Little Man Its Like This...TWG... Plague Or That So Called Champion SHARKye Or Any Body Else For That Matter Will Finally Realize Who The Real Man Is And Thats Me! I AM THE FUTURE OF THIS COMPANY!!!! And Their All Washed Up. And As Far As Skrface Well Like I Said Brother Welcome To The PWF....Woooooooo! Ha.... You Gotta Love This John. Did You See Me Knock The Hell Out Of Him!")

John :Yes I Did And I Must Say That Was A Shameful Sight Indeed...For You That Is! I Think You Will Have To Answer To All These Guys Sooner Or Later Stealthy....

Stealthy:"Well John I Got My List And I'm Checking It Twice And After I'm Done With TWG I'm Going To Hunt Down Plague.And After That Well....Its Gonna Be A Suprize...Because I'm The Gift That Keep's On Giving! lol Can You Dig It?...Style And Profile...Wooooooo! Its Party Time!!!")

*Stealthy Starts To Walk Off Towards The Back...Laughing.*)

John : That Guy Is Crazy Peter...

Peter : I Agree John... Its Just A Matter Of Time Before The Wrestlers In The PWF Starts To Have Enough Of This Guy And Their Gonna Let Him Know It When It Happen's.

John : Your Right Peter...But The Question Is Will TWG Be The First One To Defeat Stealthy? Well We Will
Find Out In The Next Show! Well Folks Thats It..It Will Be Interesting To See Whats Going To Happen Next Here On PWF.

Peter : That Stealthy Is A Jerk...See You Soon Folks.

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Stealthys Interview Empty Re: Stealthys Interview

Post  TheGermanWunderkind on Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:34 am

*Shortly before Stealthy reachs the Backstage Area TGW's muic hits the air. He appeares in front of him with a mic in his hand*
TGW:"It seems like, i knocked you to hard on wednesday on your head. when i am right in remembering in our match, and i think all of the aidience here will agree to me, *he points with his hand all over the audience and the crowd starts to cheer loudly* that i won our match more than clearly. So i suggest you should visit the doctor because you can't think clearly anymore. Ups, i forgot that you are you. So there is no difference at all. *The Crowd starts laughing on Steathy* And if you want to step in the ring with me again, you have to proof that you are worthy. And until you have proofed this to me, you're nothing!"
*Suddenly TGW knocks Steathy out with a hard mic-punch on his head. TGW's music hits again, he greets the audience and moves backstage*

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