**Later That Night**

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**Later That Night**

Post  King Neli on Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:24 am

**Out of RP
Im making this post as my account got restarted and i cant get it back so i will have to start from the beginning and make my way to level 4 and join the fed again when im level 4 and so on**

Superfamous is backstage in the Dominion locker room with Welsh One

Superfamous: We still need 1 more member

Welsh One: Yup...I know..Neli said he has someone in mind

Superfamous: He tell you who?

Welsh One: Nope...He said he will reveal it later on tonight

Superfamous: Well...Whoever it is they better .....

Suddenly Superfamous' phone rings

Superfamous: Who the hell wants me now...Everyone knows im suppose to be working...Or it could just be a fan wanting to hear my voice

Superfamous answers the phone

The voice is distant and we cannot hear what the caller is saying

Superfamous: Hello




Superfamous: Ill be right over

Superfamous hangs up

Superfamous: Lets go

Welsh One: Where we going...Who was that??

Superfamous: Ill tell you on the way

Superfamous and Welsh One leave the locker room

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