TheGermanWunderkind Vs Stealthy [Doctor Needed]

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TheGermanWunderkind Vs Stealthy [Doctor Needed]

Post  stealthy on Sat Sep 27, 2008 4:51 am

John : Hey Peter Today We Have A Guest That Should Be Very Interesting.

Peter : You can say that again This Guy Has Upset Every One Around Him.

John : Your Right Peter, Let Me Introduce Stealthy Right Now To Ask Him A Few Questions.

Peter : Well This Should Be Good....

*Stealthy comes out to the Interview And Walks Over To John And Peter*)

John : First Of All Let Me Welcome You Stealthy To The PWF And...

*Stealthy Grabs John's Mic From Him Interrupting What John Was Saying*)

Stealthy:"Listen Up Pin Head...First Of All Let Me Welcome You Two Morons For Having This Great Oppertunity To Even Have This Interview With Me....And Second....I Want To Go Ahead And Say A Few Words To TheGermanWunderkind...You Pal Are Going To Get Your Ass Kicked...The First Time Was Not Good Enough For You.")

Peter : Mr Stealthy It Appears That The Ref Had Stop The Match And Called It A Draw Their Was No Clear Winner.

Stealthy:"Peter You Look Like A Nice Guy And All... But If You EVER Interupt Me Again... You My Friend Will Taste My Boot...TheGermanWunderkind... YOUR MINE...I'm Going To Beat You Down Brother And This Time Your Going To Know Who The Real Man Is In The PWF...Woooooooo!. Its Party Time! king ")

*Stealthy Shoves The Mic Back At John And Walks Off The Interview Platform*)

John : I Believe That Guy Has Lost It...Thats A Crazy Man.

Peter : Well John I Can Tell You Right Now I Dont Like Him..And I Hope TheGermanWunderkind
Kicks His Ass....

John : I Agree Peter... Some One Here In The PWF Will Have To Do It...But The Question Is
Can TheGermanWunderkind Be The Man To Do It? Well Folks Its Going To Be A Great Match For Sure.

Peter : Lets Pray That TheGermanWunderkind Will Do Something...Well Thats It Everyone Have A Good Night.

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