1on1 invitation for Cleggy

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1on1 invitation for Cleggy

Post  The Lazur Warrior on Thu Sep 25, 2008 2:19 am

*The Lazur Warrior, proudly wearing a Real Madrid number 7 shirt, walks to the ring and gets a microphone.*
The Lazur Warrior: "First of all, let me just say thanks to the GM for giving me this great opportunity to join PWF, it feels like a dream come true. And now to the main point - last wednesday i had my first match on the show. A tag team match with 'two bit' against Cleggy and fracture. I honestly thought it would be a very tough contest but as you saw i didn't even need the help of my partner that night to start my carreer here with a win. And as I'm looking to progress in the 1on1 matches I'd like to challenge one of the guys we beat last time. And since I see fracture might be busy with someone else already that leaves you Cleggy. That's what I came here to say and let's hope Cleggy has some courage to accept my challenge."
*The Lazur Warrior goes out of the ring and goes backstage and all of a sudden he comes back and yells in the mic:*
The Lazur Warrior: "I forgot one thing - HALA MADRID!!!!"

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