The Coathanger Connection

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The Coathanger Connection

Post  adzjones on Thu Aug 07, 2008 6:51 pm

"Rip It Up" starts playing through the arena, as the lighting changes to green and gold. Two men who could be twins walk out onto the stage. Both are wearing wrestling tights and loose singlets, one wearing green singlet and yellow tights, the other with yellow singlet and green tights. The Titantron shows both men executing devestating moves, intercut with images of the two of them in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge - a.k.a. the "Coathanger" - lit up at night. Also, both are wearing two title belts (like RVD with the WWE & ECW belts), with the bottom one appearing to be the same for each.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Adz and Fabz... The Jonesez!
Both enter the ring. For some reason, there's an open trash can in one corner. The one wearing the green singlet takes a microphone.
Fabz Jones: Thank you everyone. Its great to be here in Portugal!
Massive cheers from the crowd.
Fabz Jones: We are the Jones-ez, or some of you might know us as the Coathanger Connection. I'm Fabz and this is my brother Adz. You might be wondering why we've got all this gold. He haven't wrestled in the UFW before, and the belts aren't from the PWF.
Well, as you can probably tell from my accent, we're from Australia. And until today, we were in the top wrestling promotion in the country: Xtreme Sports Entertainment. And we are the best: as you can see, we're the XSE Tag Team Champions, Adz here is the XSE Australian Champion, and this belt here
*as he lifts the top belt he was wearing, now holding in his hand* is the Xtreme Championship.
He hands the microphone over to his brother, who has taken off both of his belts and has them over his shoulders. Fabz also has his belts on his shoulder too.
Adz Jones: And that's where our problem lies. You see, there's nothing else for us to do in XSE. We're already at the top, so there's nowhere for us to go. We've held these titles for longer than anyone else ever has. Sure, we love being the Champs, but if there's no challenge in it anymore, where's the fun. If its easy, there's just nothing in it for us.
Fabz walks over to the corner and drags the trash can to the middle of the ring.
Adz Jones: Which is why we're doing this!
Both of them dump both of their title belts in the can.
Fabz Jones: As of this moment, we have left XSE and have officially joined... the PWF!
Huge cheers from the crowd again.
Fabz Jones: Now we're not out to make enemies. For our whole professional careers, whether we've won or lost, we've always invited our opponents to the bar to have a drink and the first round is on us. But don't think we're push overs; every person who has tried to cross us has been sidelined because of the injuries they picked up, courtesy of the Coathanger Connection.
Adz Jones: With that in mind, first on our agenda is proving ourselves to all of you out there, and we're going to do that by establishing ourselves as #1 Contenders for the PWF Tag Team Championship. So don't worry about crossing the bridge when you come to it...
Adz & Fabz Jones together: Because we're coming to you!

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Re: The Coathanger Connection

Post  mysterio on Tue Aug 12, 2008 6:38 pm

*Rey's Music hits and he makes his way to the ring*

Rey: You 2 want a title match?? Well let me tell you got it

Peter: What a title shot like that?

Rey: BUT...

John: I knew there was a but

Rey: You will both be in singles action later on today and you need at least 1 win to get the title shot next week so if 1 of you get the win later on tonight you get your title show next week...good luck

*Rey's Music hits as he leaves the ring*
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