Wolfy's "Mystery Partner"

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Wolfy's "Mystery Partner" Empty Wolfy's "Mystery Partner"

Post  amoghaidoor on Sat Sep 06, 2008 8:58 pm

John:Jonni and Convict made a challenge over 2 days ago and no one's accepted yet.
Peter:Guess the superstars are intimidated by this newly formed alliance.

(Rabid Wolfy's music hits)

Peter:Now,this young man has had a point to prove since his arrival in PWF.No idea what he is up to!

Rabid Wolfy:Now,you guys must be wondering why i showed up tonight! I joined this federation just a few days ago. I admit I still have a long way to go. But some new guys backstage are getting carried away and demanding championship challenges though they haven't yet played even ten matches.

John:He's got a point there.

Rabid Wolfy:Say for instance, Jonni,who has joined just a few days ago, thinks he has reached the top by forming an alliance with a veteran like Convict. You want a title shot guys? Well I say, you can't beat my team even if you put in a hundred percent! (A huge crowd pop!)

Peter:That is a bold claim.
John:Indeed it is.

Rabid Wolfy:So, listen to my offer Convict and Jonni. On September 17th, you guys will face, for the number one contendorship, me and....................... and (Crowd anticipation builds up)............................. my "MYSTERY PARTNER". I hope you don't back off to this offer.


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