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back in buisness

Post  Nekko on Sat Sep 06, 2008 1:05 pm

The light go out and Nekko's musik enter the area

Nekko enter the area an go to the ring ith a microphone

Last night was a great night for all peoples which love this business last night Nekko signed a
new contract.

The people beginns to boo

Nekko: Shout your mouths!! Nekko say you all are not more than rubbish.
But let's come back to the really important things..
First of all Nekko wants to say big thank to the man who bring back him.
Thank you REY

The crowd beginns to cheer
The Crwod:

Nekko: BUT!!! There is a person here who makes Nekko angry..
this person i mean is called himself "PINEAPPLE" of Awesome ...

Nekko begin to smile

Nekko: Ohhh sorry guy it was Nekko's mistake
Nekko mean actually Pinnacle of Awesome.
PoA! Last season you come out search a oponnent and find one.
Yes guy you find one and "the one" was I but the match have never beginn....
It's not over PoA Nekko will search you Nekko will find you and Nekko will kick your cansy ass...

Nekko put the microphone away and leaf the ring and go backstage


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Re: back in buisness

Post  pinnacleofawesome on Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:13 pm

Later on in the evening Christie catches up with POA for an interview in the locker room, he's busy stretching out for his match

Christie: POA, I know you're getting ready for your match against Choirboy tonight but I wanted to hear your response to what Nekko said earlier tonight?

POA: Nekko?, that loud mouthed son of a bitch? Oh you can be sure I have a response to him, give me that
POA snatches the mic from Christie's hand

POA: Nekko, you're right, we did have a match set up, and no, it never happened, but you can be damned sure I would love to teach you a little respect. Its about time you stopped running your mouth and got taught a lesson by your betters. Now I have another punk that needs teaching the meaning of respect tonight but you can be sure that next week, it'll be your turn to learn that I am the Pinnacle of Awesome and then maybe you'll understand what it means to be a true legend
POA throws the mic back to Christie and leaves for his match

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