I'm hungry...

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I'm hungry...

Post  dam skippy on Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:46 pm

Cutting back to commercial, the lights in the ring are dark. As they come up, Dam Skippy sits a banquet table covered with turkey legs, bowls of mashed potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, stuffing, fried potatoes, pies and ice cream. He takes a bite of a turkey leg, letting the meat fall on his beard.

Peter: Wow, that some spread!!

John: Look at that food on his face, that's disgusting!

Dam grabs the mic and stares out at the crowd.

DS: I figured I deserved a little celebration in my premier match here in the PWF. So I fixed myself a light snack.

He dips a had in some mashed potatoes and puts them in his mouth. Potatoes run down his beard. The crowd groans in disgust and begins to boo. Dam Skippy dips his hands in the potatoes again and hurls the glob in the crowd. They beging to boo louder.

John: I hope there's more to this than just him eating. This is gross!!

DS:I thought I would give a little invite to any of the boys in the back that missed what I did to Fog.

The cowd boos. Dam Skippy looks around and scoops out more potatoes from the bowl, hurling them into the crowd who boo later.

DS:I am feeling so good I will offer something I don't normally do, a date and a meal. If any of you fellows in the back, feel like a challenge, come on down. You can have a last meal courtesy of Dam Skippy.

The crowd boos again. Dam Skippy stands up and grabs some fries hurling them in the crowd.

Peter: I can't believe he's assaulting our fans, someone has to put a stop to this!!

dam skippy

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Re: I'm hungry...

Post  Sun Toku on Thu Sep 04, 2008 12:26 am

*The music of the Shooting Stars starts while all four of them come down to the ring*
*TGW takes the mic and start to speak*

TGW: Bähhh...you are disgusting...also without the two meals in your face you are disgusting. *He turns his face away from dam skippy*
*Sun Toku takes the mic*
S.T.: You smell rancid and I think you are rancid at all. So you offers us a meal? We think the things you eat can´t be eaten by normal people...only by obscene monsters like you...we don´t want to take a meal with you. *He fans fresh air to his nose*

*While Hobabis is nodding in agreement SHARKye takes the mic*
SHARKye: So you can choose who from us four will put your meal out of your face and after this he will put you on a garbage dump...if they will take you. This will be the first garbage dump without rats...cause you are too obscene for them.

John: Seems so the Shooting Stars will keep the PWF clean
*John and Peter are laughing*
Sun Toku
Sun Toku
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