Renni challenges the Doctor

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Renni challenges the Doctor Empty Renni challenges the Doctor

Post  Rumbling Renni on Thu Aug 28, 2008 10:25 pm

Peter:We have got an amazing crown gatherd tonight dont you think John

John:Yeah thats right Peter the atmosfere is electric i wish i was wrestling tonight

Rumbling Renni Appears at the top of the ramp he has a football he does some keepy upys and then signs the ball and kicks it in to the crowd
Rumbling Renni Makes his way to the ring

Rumbling Renni:Ive decided i need a testing match, which would involve a testing opponant soo ive had a good think should a re-match sharkee............................ No old Granpa......................... No
ive already said i want to be tested Ha Ha Ha
I want The Doctor Yes Thats right the Doctor if he is man enogh to accept that is

Peter:Well this is awsome Rumbling Renni has challenged the doctor we are gona have a spectacular event if this kicks off

John:Youre right peter i hope the Doctors listning.....

Rumbling Renni

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